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WELCOME: Our cycling adventures each day will be through gorgeous and lush green marsh areas, countryside landscapes, dikes with scenic views, quaint towns and villages and along the coast all on flat and very enjoyable routes. Effortlessly you will pedal on the paths, dikes and country roads on 6 fantastic rides through Holland and Flanders! Please join us for another fantastic European bike tour!

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AUGUST 26th to SEPTEMBER 2nd, 2018
Unique to this trip, its by Bike and River boat:

  • Approximately 187 km on the bike in 6 guided rides on selected routes and guided walking tours (about 27 km on the walking tours)
  • Hybrid bike with 24-speeds
  • Support vehicle and all transfers according to the program
  • Cruise on a beautiful comfortable river cruise ship The Brava
  • Glittering cities of Amsterdam, Ghent, Antwerp, Edam and more
  • Guided tours with local guides and entrance fees in Cologne, Antwerp, Ghent, Amsterdam
  • Exciting and easy biking routes through polders (low lying land enclosed by dikes) and river landscapes
  • Cheese tasting in Holland
  • Famous Wallraf-Richartz Museum, with masterpieces by many famous painters
  • Wonderful picnic lunches prepared by our guides and our ships chef including soft drinks, wine and beer.
  • All meals and beverages on the ship are included. (excludes premium spirits)

ROUTE ASSESSMENT : The total distance by bike and on foot is 187 km . The traffic-free cycle paths and side roads along the Ijsselmeer, the Meuse and the channels are easy to handle for anyone and almost without gradients. Along the Dutch coast it can be windy, bring a light jacket/windbreaker. Layering your clothing is a good idea. You may also get in our support vehicle at any time. (All informational text has been translated from German) "That was fun"

ITINERARY: INDIVIDUAL ARRIVAL IN COLOGNE, GERMANY Arrive in the old Cathedral City of Cologne at your leisure. You may overnight in a hotel on your own prior to the 26th of August. Take a taxi to our ship, The Arosa Brava on the 26th of August. If you arrive by train the pier is very close to the train station.

DAY 1 : At 2 pm on the 26th of August you may arrive at the ship the A-Rosa Brava and embark. Move into your cabin for the week, unpack and make yourself at home! Our tour guide awaits us at 3 pm on board the ship to present the journey along with a nice welcome drink. Cologne developed out of a Roman colony and looks back on a history of more than 2000 years. The landmark and emblem of the city is the Cathedral, a masterpiece of gothic architecture and one of the largest cathedrals in Europe. The first foundation stone took place in 1248. For the lack of money the construction stagnated until the Prussian king finished the construction in 1880. In the afternoon at 5 pm the ship casts toward the Ijsselmeer. While you exit Cologne please enjoy the nice view from the sundeck of the well-known Cathedral, the steeples of the romantic churches around and the modern harbor. Dinner and 1st night on board.

DAY 2: IJSSELMEER & CHEESE IN EDAM - 27 kilometers by bike. In the morning glides your ship through the gentle Ijsselmeer to Hoorn. You can spend your morning on board to relax and enjoy the views as the ship will not arrive until noon at the province of Noord Holland. Enjoy time on the sundeck while the typical ships (Plattschiffe) will sail along at a leisurely pace. After lunch on board, your ship will moor at the pier of Von Hoorn right in front of the historic center. During a short footpath your tour guide will show you the emblazed "Giebelhäuser" and the famous market place from where important discovery tours to South America and New Zealand took place in the 17th century. The bikes will be ready for you close to the market place. On the bike we'll follow the coast in the afternoon through the village of Edam, famous for its cheese up to Volendam. You will start the wonderful tour along the coast with a lovely view to the sea of Hoorn to Edam. The typical architecture of the Giebelhäuser, the clinkered facades and the massive wooden doors will await you once you are there. Edam is well known for its cheese with the bright red rind. We will have a cheese tasting! In old tradition The Edamer bring in their typical clothing (on a market day) the cheese on a wooden barrow to weigh the cheese and negotiate the price. Stroll through the village and enjoy a cup of coffee. After half an hour on the bike you will you will reach Volendam, which is also located at the shore of the Markenmeeres. Volendam represents itself as a picturesque town of the Netherlands with neat houses, draw bridges and a nice little harbor. In the late afternoon you will be transferred back to the ship. 2nd Dinner and night on board .

DAY 3: WORLD CAPITAL AMSTERDAM & FISHING VILLAGES - 42 kilometers by bike. After breakfast Amsterdam welcomes you with 165 romantic Grachten, 1286 bridges and more than 600.000 bikes called fietsen. Amsterdam is one of the cities which you can always visit again even though you have already seen all the sightseeing. You always discover something new in this lively city. On a morning visit with a guide you will see the most beautiful places in Amsterdam. You will then cycle on a wonderful tour of picturesque fishing villages overlooking the island of Marken. After the city tour the bikes will be ready for you just in front of the ship. Today you will bike along almost car free cycle paths on little roads on and behind the dyke. From a distance you will see the Peninsula Marken, a wide dyke that connects the Island and the mainland. Our bike route passes along the "Markenmeeres" towards north. In this region the world seems to be perfect. We will pass little villages and cows on juicy meadows. We will reach Moniquedamm and leave from there to the coast. In a little cheese diary you can try different flavors of handmade cheeses while we have a break. In the afternoon you will bike through a green preserved area which is a retreat for many birds and through the city park. In the most northern suburb of Amsterdam you will take the ferry to the shore side of Amsterdam and reach the pier of the Arosa ship. 3rd Dinner and night on board.
DAY 4: MASHATTAN AND WINDMILL - 26 kilometers by bike In the morning the ship reaches Rotterdam. Rotterdam is the most important trans-shipment center of Europe and the 3rd biggest port of the world. From the ship you will bike along the car free and wide pedestrian boardwalk of the city. The route leads out of the city through the green hinterland and on the dike. Worth seeing is the historic Delfshaven which was built in the 14th century and landmarked until today. The Pilgrim Fathers started from here the passage to the new world to North America. In the former warehouse of the East Indian trading companies you will find today shops, restaurants, Galleries and little handicraft business. From the boardwalk you have a nice view over the modern architecture and Skyscrapers, also named as Maashatten which is coupled with pretty wooden boats. The landmark is the huge Erasmusbrug (bridge) which spans the Maas River and links the northern and southern parts of Rotterdam. Locals likely call it the Swan. The little villages are located along the river and the canals of the Ijssel. Around noon, on a clear day you can take a water taxi back to the ship. While you enjoy your lunch on board, our ship sets course to Gent. In the afternoon savor the onward journey on the sun deck.
4th Dinner and night on board
DAY 5: GHENT ALTAR OF VAN EYCK - 28 kilometers by bike Ghent - A medieval city at the river Schelde. After breakfast we will take you to the historic center of Ghent. You start with a guided city tour of the delightful old town. Ghent's charm will quickly excite you. The proud merchant town at the river Schelde is a successful trade and business town since the middle ages. It is the birthplace of Emperor Charles V. who later became the king of Spain and ruler of the Spanish Empire from Florida to the Philippines. Ghent still runs the second largest port in Belgium also it is only a river port! Many canals run through the medieval center and give it a special, romantic atmosphere. On one of the 13 islands on which the city is built, stands the mighty Castle Gravensteen. Since 1180, the counts of Flanders tried to rule from here their very self-confident and often rebellious citizens. In order to experience Gents greatest treasure, you have to visit its cathedral St. Bavo: Here we admire the "Ghent altar" of the brothers van Eyck. This painting is one of the most famous works of art in the world! Well protected behind bulletproof glass, the altar spreads an image of the late medieval world. After the tour, you will get on the bikes and drive out of the city on hidden paths and byways. Our route leads through the scenic loops of the small river Leie. Along this magnificent landscape you'll pass elegant villas with spacious parks and gardens at the riverbank. At the beginning of the 20th century, this landscape inspired well-known painters and sculptors to create their works. The bike path leads to the idyllic Lys River with a magical landscape a long a canal you will reach Ghent again and in the afternoon you will come back to your ship. 5th Overnight and dinner on board.

DAY 6: FROM FLEMISH MASTERS IN ANTWERP TO GOTHIC IN MECHELEN - 30 km by bike Antwerp is best known for diamonds today. We will have a guided tour of the old city. But hardly anyone knows that here is the largest church in the country and the historic old town of Antwerp, around the church, is unique. In the 16th century, during the "golden age", Antwerp was the undisputed economic metropolis of Northern Europe. The city was rich and with the wealth the tower of the Cathedral of Our Lady grew higher and higher. The market square gained in splendor, the town hall and the ornate gables of the guild houses give testimony of its wealth and power until today. At this time the city was also the center of art in Europe. Names like Rubens, van Dyck, Snyders or Jordaens are inextricably linked to the city. In the late morning, a transfer will take you outside the gates of the city. You will cycle mostly on remote streets through the idyllic and flat landscape of Flanders. We surpass an old abbey, churches and lakes. Today your tour guides prepare a tasty picnic for lunch. The surrounding area is characterized by early industrialization. A former worker will guide you through an old brickworks factory from the 19th century and will tell you a lot about the industrial / economic development of this region. The cycle route along small rivers and canals ends today in Mechelen. The landmark of Mechelen is the huge tower of the Gothic Cathedral of Saint Rumbold built in the 13th century. Although it was never completed, it reaches the enormous height of 98 m. Mechelen is best known for it today with its 360 degree view of the city. Our biking path is completely flat along small rivers and canals by a lush and green protected area and lakes according to Mechelen. Transfer back to Antwerp and to your ship in the late afternoon. 6th Overnight and dinner on board.

DAY 7: The Old Hanseatic city of Nijmegen and Ooijpolder - 34 kilometers by bike The Hanseatic city of Nijmegen is the oldest city in the Netherlands. Even the Romans had built an important castle on the hill Palatinate. Your ship will stop in Nijmegen in the morning and we will get off the ship and on the bikes after breakfast. We discover the oldest city of the Netherlands, with a Gothic parish church and the magnificent "Grote Market" ("big market square"). The history of the city dates back to the time of the Roman Empire. In 1402 it became part of the Hanseatic League and got rich and powerful. It was founded by north German towns and German merchant communities to protect their mutual trading interests. The League protected and controlled the trade routes from the Baltic region to the Atlantic. During World War II it was heavily destroyed by the Allies. After the visit we leave Nijmegen and follow again a river out of the town. The wide stream meanders its way gently through the flat meadowed landscape. On a river dam you cycle along the stream which leads through the wide meadows of the Ooijpolder, home to many aquatic birds, past painter Sichen, dike houses and along the river Waal on the way to Lobith we'll pass small lakes and tranquil villages. Enjoy this last bike ride before our ship will dock for us in the small port of Lobith in the afternoon. While your ship smoothly heads back into the direction of Cologne, Germany, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a cocktail on the sun deck and enjoy the views. 7th Overnight and dinner on board.

DAY 8: DEPARTURE & IMPRESSIONISM IN COLOGNE-WALLRAFRICHARTZ- MUSEUM In the early morning your ship docks in Cologne. You have the opportunity to enjoy your last breakfast on board. After breakfast we will visit the great impressionist's exhibition of the Wallraf-Richartz-Museum. The Foundation Corboud shows the most extensive collection of paintings of French and international impressionism in Germany. Among the more than 170 paintings that were handed over to the city of Cologne as an "eternal loan" in March 2001 are masterpieces by Renori,Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet and Pierre-Auguste. If you are not into Impressionism or painting you might be interested in monumental architecture: between the museum and the central train station you can visit Germany's biggest church - the cathedral of Cologne. Dating back from the 13th century it is still the biggest gothic church in the world and has been the world's highest building until 1884 when the Washington Monument ended its reign. At 12:30 the journey ends at the central train station in Cologne. There you will also receive your luggage for your departure. Please have in mind: Program changes are possible - time schedules of the ship might change and influence the biking itinerary.

  • 7 nights/8 days on the river ship
  • Buffet breakfast
  • All drinks are included on this trip, with the exception of champagne, bottles of wine and exclusive rarities
  • 7 multi-course dinner, 6 being buffet-style, the Farewell dinner will be from a set menu with the excellent wine on board
  • Lunch as a picnic
  • Free use of on-board facilities such as sauna and fitness area
  • 15% discount in the SPA-ROSA
  • Toiletries and bathrobe in the cabin
  • Your choice of cabin category
  • 6 days of biking, a lightweight hybrid bike, water, picnic lunches with soft drinks, beer and wine
  • 2 local bike guides fluent in the language, van support and transport
  • Entrance fees according to the program
  • Guided walking tours with a knowledgeable local guide

READ THIS:There are just 14 spots at this time still available. We have bookings already! We have over 100 people on our "Interested List." If you want to go please book this trip right away to avoid disappointment! AUGUST 26th to SEPTEMBER 2nd, 2018 CABIN CATEGORIES AND PRICES INCLUDES: THE 7 NIGHT/8 DAY CRUISE, ALL TAXES, ALL MEALS AND BEVERAGES, 6 DAYS OF BIKING WITH A HYBRID BIKE, LOCAL BIKE GUIDES, VAN SUPPORT AND TRANSPORTATION, BIKE ASSISTANCE, WALKING TOURS WITH LOCAL GUIDES, PICNIC LUNCHES, ALL ENTRANCE FEES TO SIGHTS, CHEESE TASTINGS. (Guide tips for our bike guides and our walking tour guides are additional at your own discretion)

CATEGORY S -On Deck 1 with 2 portholes, (Lowest Deck) with two separated twin beds (There are only 3 of these cabins still available on the ship. We can hold them until Jan. 10th or until they sell out. Nice for singles or two males or females sharing a cabin. $3359.00pp Double Occupancy $3919.00 Single Occupancy

CATEGORY A - On Deck 1 with 2 Portholes (Lowest Deck) $3590.00pp Double Occupancy $4240.00 for Single Occupancy

CATEGORY C - On Deck 2 with French Balcony doors that open (Middle Deck) $4010.00pp Double Occupancy $4749.00 for Single Occupancy

CATEGORY D - On Deck 3 with French Balcony doors that open (Upper Deck) $4129.00pp Double Occupancy $4904.00 for Single Occupancy

FYI: Our prices for our last river cruise in Provence were $3750.00pp and $4450.00pp. We were able to keep the cost lower for this trip!

HOW TO SECURE YOUR CABIN: A $600 per person deposit by check only is required to hold a cabin. Due to this being a specialty tour your deposit and your final payment are NON-REFUNDABLE.

PROTECT your investment with ALLIANZ TRAVEL INSURANCE see below.

***** Please protect your vacation dollars by purchasing travel insurance with our affiliate company Allianz Travel Insurance at allianztravelinsurance.com. Please use our Agent ID number #F033697 as they don't identify us as BIKE & CRUISE when picking your plan. Or call them at 1-800-284-8300.

Fill out the registration form from our Europe Page on our Website and submit to us. We will hold your space while we wait for your deposit via snail mail. Go to: TOURS at the top and select EUROPE, then click on RESERVE THIS TOUR at the bottom of the page.

  1. Mail your deposit check ASAP to: BIKE and CRUISE TOURS, 5045 Kingston Way, Naples, FL 34119.
  2. We will send you a confirmation via email when we receive your deposit!
  4. Remember it's best to arrive early to Cologne and you can stay over to visit different places. Perhaps a few more days in Amsterdam, Brussels, Bruges, Giethoorn etc.
  5. Have fun exploring your possibilities!!!

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 AGAIN: We STRONGLY suggest purchasing Allianz travel Insurance to protect your deposit and your entire trip cost after final payment.  Plus it will cover you while you are traveling. This is a specialty chartered tour therefore all monies are non-refundable.

We hope you can join us on this exciting "NEW" Holland & Belgium Adventure with Bike & Cruise Tours

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