Q  What type of bicycles will we be riding? :: Back to Top

A.  Trek & Gary Fisher 21 gear Mountain Bikes in the Caribbean.   In Alaska they are Trek, Specialized and Rocky Mountain.  This could vary from year to year.

Q. What shape & how good of a rider do I need to be in to do this bike trip? :: Back to Top

A.  You should at least be a moderate cyclist that can ride 20 miles plus at a 10-12 mph pace with some rolling hills and be used to riding in some traffic.  Almost everyone walks the few short steep hills in the Caribbean.  The more experienced you are on a bike the more you will enjoy these trips.

Q   Can I bring my own bike? :: Back to Top

A  Yes…only on the Caribbean trips, but we don’t advise it. Use our bikes, it’s so much easier.  It can be a problem trying to bring a single bike on the ship outside of our arrangements with the pier security.

Q. What can I expect on the rides? :: Back to Top

A. These are semi-group rides.  You can ride at your pace.  Besides us biking with you, there will be several local riders/guides who will be placed at the front, middle and back.  You can feel comfortable riding at your pace in the pack and always having a guide near to you.  The support vehicle(s) will stay at the back or go ahead and wait for us. 
We will have re-group stops for filling your water bottles, snacks and restroom breaks.  You can also feel free to stop and take a few pictures along the way.  Some of the island will allow for more biking for those who would like a bit more riding on some days.

Q.  What do I need to bring for the trip? :: Back to Top

A. Helmet, gloves, Bike Handle Bar bag (For camera and personal items) or small back pack, riding shorts & shoes, water bottle or Camel back, beach or duffel bag to put in the support vehicle with your beach items.

Q. What type of clothes do I need for the cruise? :: Back to Top

A. “Resort Casual” is the evening attire most nights.  There are one or two “formal optional” evenings if you like to dress up.  Nice jeans are ok at dinner.  No shorts are permitted in any dining room at dinner and no loose type tank tops at any time of day in the dining rooms.

Q. Do I need a Passport? :: Back to Top

A. YES….Caribbean, Alaska and Europe.

Q. Do you offer Travel Insurance? :: Back to Top

A. YES, we offer Access America travel insurance.  You can cover the entire cost of the trip including the bike tour portion.  It will cover you for many unforeseen reasons prior to or during your trip.  If you have any pre-existing condition it will be covered if you purchase the insurance within 14 days of booking your trip.

Q. Should I book my own Air? :: Back to Top

A. Yes, you will find it to be less expensive to book your own air, the cruise line air used to be reasonably priced but that is not the case so much any longer.

Q.  When should I schedule my air transportation to arrive? :: Back to Top

A.  We strongly suggest that you arrive in the city of embarkation at least 1 day ahead to avoid any weather or airline delays or cancellations.  If you can come 2-3 days early and enjoy the city it will really make a nice extension to your trip.  Embarkation on the ship starts about Noon.  You will want to arrive at the pier around 11:30am to be able to board the ship at the earliest time to start getting familiar with the ship and to enjoy the lunch they offer that day.

Q. What is FREESTYLE cruising? :: Back to Top

A. FREESTYLE cruising means more freedom for you to do what you want when you want.  There is no set dinner time or restaurant with NCL.  You can choose to eat in the 3 main restaurants that are included in the cruise cost or make a reservation in one of the many themed "Specialty Restaurants."  You may go to any of these during the listed meal hours. 

You can decide if you want to see the early or the later show and arrange your dinner accordingly. The shipboard gratuities are automatically added to your ship bill which makes it less of a hassle for you.  No more getting change and putting money in envelopes to give to your waiter and cabin steward.  It also means that on the last morning of the cruise you are free to get off as early as you like or sleep in a little and disembark on your time.  You can choose to have the bellboys take your luggage off the ship or you can carry all of your own luggage off the ship.

Q.  What time can I get off the ship and schedule my air home? :: Back to Top

A.  The ship is normally cleared by 8:30am and passengers can disembark after then.  It will take a while to collect your luggage and go through customs.  It is best to book a return flight after Noon.  This will allow you plenty of time to get to the airport without being rushed or stressed about making a flight.  Everyone will be off the ship by 10:30am.  You will be called off the ship according to your flight time or if you are staying over and not going home that day.  That’s also a great idea too if you have the time.

Q.  Is there parking at the pier? :: Back to Top

A.  Yes, you can leave your car in the covered parking garages at the pier in Miami, Tampa or Seattle.  It runs about $15-20 per day.  You don’t need a reservation, just drive in.

Q.  Where should I stay if I come early? :: Back to Top

A.  If you are coming one night early in Miami we like the Embassy Suites at the airport for one night.  They have a manager’s complimentary happy hour from 5:30-7:30pm, a casual restaurant for dinner and a great breakfast buffet is also included.  They offer an airport shuttle and can arrange transportation for you to the pier for a minimal fee.

If you are coming a few days early we think you’d enjoy staying in South Beach or Miami Beach.  There is a lot to see and do there within walking distance.

In Seattle there are so many places to stay.  Definitely stay in the downtown area or in Queen Anne near the Seattle Center.  The airport hotels are too far from downtown.   

There are many hotel/travel websites to help you choose a hotel at the price and location you desire.  Check them out at TripAdvisor.com.

Q. Who will be on the tour with me? :: Back to Top

A. Johnny & Linda Black are the organizers and escorts on every tour.  Fred Sparks is usually with us as a tour assistant for the Caribbean.  Our participants come from all over the US, Canada and some from Europe at times.

Q. How many other riders will be with us? :: Back to Top

A. Normally there will be between 12 and 28 in the group.

Q. What is the general age & make up of the group? :: Back to Top

A.  Normally the group falls between 40 and 70+.  We have had some families with teen-aged kids.  10 have been the youngest and 83 has been the oldest!

Q.  How will I know what to do when I board the ship? :: Back to Top

A.  We will send out a letter with your documents telling you where to meet for our bike meeting on the first day.  We also put an envelope of information at your cabin door when you arrive.

Q.  Will we have a van to carry our gear? :: Back to Top

A. Yes, there is always a support vehicle and sometimes two.  It will be with us all day and can be used for support if someone gets tired.  However, since there is not room for more than a couple of people and bikes everyone should plan to ride or walk most of the ride whenever possible.

Q.  What if I have special dietary needs? :: Back to Top

A. NO PROBLEM!  Just let us know.  We will put in a request for your special dietary needs from vegan to gluten free.  The chef will work with you no matter where you dine.

Q.  Sign me up!  What's the next step? :: Back to Top

A.  Decide on a tour, pick which type of cabin you want.  Fill out our registration form so we have all of your info.  Call or email us, let us know a good time to reach you if we are away from the office.  A $400.00 per person deposit can be made on your credit card at the time you book.  Your final cruise payment can be put on your credit card (due about 2 1/2 months before the trip) and the bike package portion can be sent to us by check at that time.  We will send you a confirmation invoice and letter with lots of info after we have made your reservation.

Q.  What if I have to cancel? :: Back to Top

A.  Your initial deposit is totally refundable prior to the time you make your final payment.  After final payment cruise line and Bike & Cruise cancellation fees will apply and increase closer to the sailing date.  This information will be sent to you with your deposit confirmation.  You may purchase travel insurance through us to protect your vacation investment.

If you have any pre-existing conditions they will be covered if insurance is purchased within 14 days of your booking date.